Comparing Black Swan Green And Letters To A Young Poet

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Black Swan Green by David Mitchell and Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria
Rilke are interesting stories. Black Swan Green is a story about a kid named Jason who has a problem speaking. He stammers a lot. Jason has had this problem ever since he played the game,
"Hangman" with his class. The teacher calls on him to solve the puzzle, which the answer was
"nightingale," but Jason cannot say the word. Now, Jason struggles a lot and he even imagines his stammer into a physical being. After that, Jason is invited to a solarium, where he meets
Madame Crommelynck. Mitchell, the author, uses Crommelynck to identify a central idea.
Rainer Maria Rilke is the author of the other story, Letters To A Young Poet. In this story, Rilke writes to a fellow poet who originally wrote to him. Both Mitchell and Rilke use similar writing
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First, Rainer Maria Rilke is writing back to a poet. The poet apparently wants his/her poem to be corrected. Rilke, on the other hand says otherwise. "I cannot discuss your versus; for any attempt at criticism would be foreign to me," (pg. 5). Rilke feels like he can't criticize the poet's artwork. He thinks if he attempts to correct it, it wouldn't be the work of art the writer would want it to be. He begs the reader to stop "sending" it to people or magazines to have them correct or reject it. "Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depths of your heart..." (pg. 6). The poet needs to
"look within" themselves to find true beauty or artwork. The poet has to make the poem mean what ever he or she wants it to mean. If they want it to be criticized, then the poem will have no