Comparing Boy's Life And Emancipation: A Life Fable

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The two stories I have recently read, “Boy’s Life” and “Emancipation: A Life Fable” have a comparable theme in the text of the writings. The theme I came across in both writings is that sometimes you must be patient for something good to happen to you, but might not be decent for someone else in your life. It can be difficult for you to make the decision because it could hurt someone else, but you chose what would benefit you and your happiness. These two stories have a similar meaning to the readers and tell about the difficulties the characters face in doing what they thought was best within their own situations. First, I read the story, “Boy’s Life.” In this story, Cory Mackenson is eager for his summer break to come faster, he has been waiting for a long time to lastly get out of school and have a great summer with his friends. Cory had many ideas about what to accomplish over the break while not having to contemplate about school work. When the last day of school rolled around, Cory overheard other classes being let out beforehand while his class remained in the classroom. He was thinking about why his teacher wouldn’t let them out and it came across his mind that maybe it was difficult …show more content…
The animal wasn’t fond of the cage as a living space and I am sure anyone would comprehend that feeling. One day the cage door had been left open by the owner. The animal had to think about what to do in the situation at hand. It had been a tough decision for the animal to make at that time, knowing the owner would be devastated. Finally, the animal made up his mind and ended up running out knowing it was going to make the owner feel melancholy, but he knew he must find himself with happiness. The animal understood the owner would not have wanted the animal to leave, but the animal had been locked up his entire life and had dreamt of