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Comparing Different Classes
Everest University Online
Composition I
September 24, 2014

People may not believe what comes into effect when comparing online classes to campus classes. It’s simple to compare reasons why you have so many main things that comes into play. People deal with personal issues that won’t allow them to participate in certain events. Feelings such as fear, anger, sadness and even skill level of using a computer all come first when deciding the fate of your college career. While the normal person may be fine with just going to an average campus the other may not. It is a serious amount of complicated reasons why a person would choose to be either on campus and taking classes online.
Certain people try to overcome the difficulty of taking an online class. The work load of an online class will seem to be doubled just because of the fact you do not have an active instructor sitting in front of your face doing your normal class schedule. With this happening it would seem like you’re doing everything by yourself even though you have an online instructor to talk too. On the other hand when you take a course in a campus classroom you do not have this problem. You have an instructor talking to you guiding you through the whole process of the assignments and also putting notes up for you to copy and can go over daily. The workload from a campus class is similar because of the fact you’re doing an assignment either way around I say this because if you’re on a computer you’re going to type and upload the document just as same as if you weren’t even in the class room. It may be a reason why you cannot attend classes in both ways. With online classes you need a stable computer that is capable of doing the work that is needed. With campus classes you will need to be able to attend school and be on time on a regular basis. Being tardy to a campus class can get you into a lot more trouble than your typical online course were tardiness isn’t accounted for. Something similar with campus and online classes is you can live on the site for both of them, I say this because you can rent a dorm room and live on campus and most online classes are occupied from the computer at your home. Either way you look at it either campus or online classes will be different or similar depending…