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Korean education system is very popular in USA and Europe, these days. Because, Obama praised education system of South Korea. Obama said, “In South Korea, teachers are known as nation builders.”1 However, Korean students must spend their almost time for studying. Thus, many Korean students do not prefer to Korean education system. The reason why Korean education system is too competitive education. Eventually, Korean students choose education system of other country such as USA, UK and Australia. Many Korean students select to Australia, since Australia is cheaper than USA and time difference is just an hours. In addition, living costs and economy is similar to Korea. Nevertheless, Korean education system and Australian education system have many differences and similarities.

Firstly, both Korean education system and Australian education system have compulsory educations. Therefore, Korea and Australia support many education opportunity for child and adolescent. For example, children have to study at primary school and teenagers have to study at secondary school. While high school in Korea is a compulsory education, it is different from Australia.
Another similarity between Korean education system and Australian education system is many types of school. Both Korean and Australian have many types of school. Accordingly, the students are assigned school or choose school. For instance, government school student is assigned by their habitation, student of private school such as boarding school, single sex school, religious and alternative school choose by interesting or aptitude.
The final similarity in their education system is a curriculum. Basically, 8 necessary subject such as English, Math, Science, Arts, Language, Health, Physical education is existed in Korea and Australia. Thus, the students are widely developed by the curriculum in their school. For example, when the students go to high school or University, they can find and choose by their aptitude, besides, when they get a job after graduating their school, it helps to them.
Although many similarities between Korean education system and Australian education system are existed, many differences are existed, too.
The first difference system is the responsibility of the education. Korea has a ministry of education. For this reason, all Korean education system is decided rules by the ministry of education. On the other hand, Australian education system is determined rules by state and territory. For example, primary school’s education system is only 6 years in Korea, otherwise, primary school’s system is different from 6 to 7 years by state and territory education system.
The second difference system is term of school. Korean school system has 2 terms per year and has 2 vacations such as winter and summer after the end of each term. In contrast, Australian school system has 4 terms per year. Moreover,