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Bradford and Edwards have the same writing style? Some say yes others disagree which is true do they have the same writing style? Who is the better writer? Do they speak how they write? And what types of punctuation do they have in common?

The type of writing style they use are different from each other. Bradford’s writing style is ridged and stiff it’s all the same. He uses the same writing style. When Bradford writes it’s just stiff no life at all. But when Edwards writes, it’s alive, you and feel the emotion and the thought he put into his work. Besides the fact that there diction has similarities they also have differences. For example Edwards started out using simple words such as ‘’ hell’’ and ‘’sinners’’ and transition to more sophisticated words such as ‘’ dolorous’’ and ‘’ineffable’’. Bradford uses sophisticated wording to impress his audience. Edwards switches to appease the variety of people in his congregation.

The type of diction Bradford’s and Edwards’s syntax are very similar due to the fact of their pieces are from the same time period. For example ‘’ And truly there was great distraction and difference of opinion amongst the marines themselves’’, Bradford uses long drawn out sentences as more than likely from habit from being a government official. Edwards has similar structure as well, for example ‘’ this is the case of every one of you that are out of Christ’’, their syntax is of no doubt similar. His voice has much serious and well played and thought out. The use of figurative language in the two pieces differed as well. For example Edwards uses much figurative to describe hell and many other biblical aspects. Personification is a great example of the use of figurative language in his writing. ‘’hell’s wide