Comparing Frankenstien The Movie and The Book Essay

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Samantha Gonzalez
English III, 1A
Mr. Almasaedi
4 December 2014
Frankenstein: From Paper to Hollywood In the movie some of the main elements of the story are taken away so that the audience can get a different perspective of the well-known Frankenstein. Many of the scenes from the book were cut out and it took away from the meaning of the original story. When the reader compares the book with the movie, they can tell that there are many differences in the characters, deaths, and settings.
The way the author portrays the characters makes us develop our own image of that character. When a book is made into a movie certain changes are to the character to make them seem more realistic us rather than fictional. In the book Elizabeth is perceived as more of an introvert whereas in the movie she was more of an extrovert. Other minor details were changed like her hair and her eye color. Another character changes was that Safie the Turkish girl from France, she was removed from the movie and that changed the story completely. In the book Safie was a key element in the development of the monster. When she arrived at the DeLacey cottage, Felix and Agatha taught her English, literature, geography, and history that is how the creature learns to speak and gained knowledge. With the knowledge that he receive he came to understand why everyone feared him. He also starts to understand the feeling he has for the DeLacey family and humanity itself. In the movie however they show very little as to how he learned to speak and how he gained his knowledge and understanding of everything. Another way that the movie differed from the book was in the deaths of some the characters. Victor’s mother in the movie is shown to have died while giving birth to Victors’ younger brother. However, if the look in the book they will find that Victor’s mother actually dies of the scarlet fever she caught from Elizabeth. On the third day my mother sickened; her fever was accompany by the most alarming symptoms, and the look of her medical attendants prognosticated the worst events (Shelly, 38). After the wedding, Victor grew paranoid with the monsters’ threat, but he did not realize that the…