Comparing Las Meninas By Pablo Picasso And Diego Velazquez

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Las Meninas are the two paintings by Pablo Picasso and Diego Velazquez. The two paintings were painted in Spain. Diego Velazquez's was the original and Picasso´s was the remake. Pablo Picasso´s was a cubism piece and Diego Velazquez’s was realism.
Diego Velazquez was most definitely portraying the servants. We can tell this because he has all of the maidservants in the picture and the picture is not focused on the princess. He also showed how they worked and how they were really important. Picasso however had portrayed the princess because she was the main focus of the pictures. The painting showed how the princess was the most important and the maidservants were not. The two paintings are similar because they both have the maidservants, but Pablo picasso´s work
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The colors are more extreme because of the different types of styles and different portraying. The paintings are also very different. Diego Velazquez did his version in the realism style which is everything looks natural. However Pablo Picasso did his version in the cubism style. It looks like a bunch of shapes. Also it looks crazy different because people could be green or neon orange. Also if you looked closely, the princess actually has two faces one normal and one profile at the same time!!!!! Diego Velazquez has the attendants in a prominent part of the painting and there a lot of the servants even Velazquez. Pablo Picasso has a servant in his picture but the servant is small and not prominent since the princess takes up so much space. The colors in Diego Velazquez’s painting are normal like peach and brown while Picasso’s are crazy because people have green and blue faces. The painting of Diego Velazquez has tons of details. He has the princess’s toys such as dolls and you can definitely tell the details on the people. The bows in the hair and the clothes on the people have been placed perfect and each wrinkle in the skirts looks absolutely normal. Pablo