Comparing MLK And Malcolm X

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Martin Luther King Jr(MLK) and Malcolm X both were civil rights leaders. Both men fought for equal rights for African Americans. MLK and X both were African American leaders who made a huge impact on the black community. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are seemingly alike, yet different. Malcolm as well as Martin were both religious but had their own way of doing things.
Martin Luther King grew up in Atlanta,GA. He lived with his parents, grandparents, and two siblings. His mother was a teacher and his father was a minister. His father Martin sr was very strict and determined to make sure his son was going to be successful. King went to a segregated elementary school. In high school he played football and was the quarterback. Martin skipped two years of high school graduated early and enrolled in college at the age of 15. King received a doctorate degree in systematic theology. Unlike King Malcolm X was in born in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother was a homemaker and had eight children. He was born Malcolm Little and changed his name later on in life. His father was a minister and was an active member for the black nationalist. Due to that Malcolm family received lots of death
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Their religious beliefs played a major role in their movements. Malcolm x was a member of the nation of Islam(Muslim). He used the nation of Islam to teach blacks about the cultures that had been taken away from them(African Americans). Which had a major influence on his “black power” beliefs. Malcolm Islamic faith influenced some of the violent behavior that he displayed. X felt whites robbed blacks of their culture which triggered hatred toward whites. Martin was a christian man. He followed in the steps of his father and his christian beliefs. Due to his Christianity beliefs it influenced him to have a peaceful movement. He did not want to fight physically he fought back with love. He had a strong faith and believed in peace which Gandhi