Comparing Macbeth To Shakespeare's Play

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In this analysis I will be comparing the historical account of macbeth to shakespeare's play. The original macbeth was nicknamed the “Red King.” Macbeth was the king of the scots and known as the king of Alba. Although he was first king of moray and then Fortriu. Macbeth spent much of his time at war with his cousin Duncan. Duncan was king of Pitgaveny. This is how Macbeth was able to gain so many titles and land in his name. However, there is still much of a mystery to way Shakespeare’s tragedy. After Duncan’s death macbeth becomes the King of Alba. Duncan's father was killed in the year of 1045, in a battle between two Scottish armies. Many believe that Duncan's wife fled Scotland with her two sons. Her son’s Malcolm the 3rd and Donald the 3rd would be future kings. Writers say she fled to Duncan's kin in Atholl. The Macbeth of history was very different from shakespeare's story. After Duncan was defeated Macbeth was Unchallenged. The scholar Marianus Scouts says Macbeth traveled as far as Rome on a pilgrimage to Rome. It was the year of 1050 and he is said to have gave money to the poor as if the money itself were seeds. Regardless macbeth certainly wasn't a tyrant as Shakespeare would have you believe. In the final years of Macbeth he was involved in conflicts with the Kingdom of England. The reason …show more content…
A recap of this statement can be proven. Macbeth in the play is a tyrant that alienates all his fellow noblemen. Along with trying to kill his political appointees at the same time. He also isn't related to Duncan in the play. He is instead regarded as a friend and a loyal servant. This can be sense at the beginning of the play when King Duncan can be seen praising Macbeth for his recent victories. Macbeth in the play also has a very crazy wife, known as Lady Macbeth. She inspires him to kill the King. Wives telling their husband’s who to kill seems to be a theme of