Comparing Mentoring In The Old Man And The Sea

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When life is handing out hard knocks, young people today can meet adversity and persevere by their mentors and/or people who you look up too. A mentor(s) is a person or friend who guides you towards the write path. Since mentors are more experienced they usually know what to do or what to say in certain situations. I interviewed my mommy because I think that she is a great mentor, you know. She’s been through it all, and all of it mainly by herself. In my eyes she’s a really strong person and I think that it’s really admirable. Mentoring is also a process that always involves communication and is relationship based. A Mentor is suppose to guide you and help you when you need it most. When reading the story (By the way, The Old Man and The Sea was phenomenal!) I noticed that Santiago had a lot of courage and determination. And I thought ‘Wow, even though basically everyone is against him, he still continues to push on.’ The boy really admired Santiago and you could just tell. What I find admirable in my interviewee is that …show more content…
He struggled and suffered with the marlin for about three days. His first act of suffering (physically) was when he was trying to bring the marlin up on the boat. Another way he was hurt (emotionally) was by the words of the other fisherman. They told him he couldn’t and that he should give up, but mind told him to not listen to what they had to say and just keep on going. My interviewee was in a similar situation. She raised two kids mostly on her own after getting a divorce and moving to Virginia. She’s struggled with bills and people telling her she couldn’t reach her dreams. But, yet she did, she may not have gotten all the way there, but at least she graduated and got her diploma and is starting to accelerate in pharmacy/pharmacy tech. I’ve learned from her that even with struggle and suffering, you’ll always make it