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Teenagers at the age of 16 should not be able to get their drivers license. Teens should have to wait until they are at least at the age of 20. There are many reasons why teenagers should have to wait until the age of twenty. One is that it is the number one leading cause of death among teenagers; teens are not as focused as they should be, and they are not well experienced with how to properly drive. Many teenagers don’t see the risks that could happen to them while driving and they take driving as an advantage. Teenagers could wait and should wait because no one’s life should be put in danger while they are out there on the road. To begin with, it is true that the driving is the number one cause of death. Statistics show that 16 year old have higher crash rates than any other age. Nearly 58% of deaths among passenger vehicle occupants (ages 16-19) were drivers. Most teenagers don’t look at driving as something as important as they do to their cell phones or any of their electronics. Texting and driving, drinking and driving, and not wearing a seatbelt and driving all can be prevented if only teenagers knew, but they don’t and that is why teenagers shouldn’t be able to drive. Secondly, teenagers get distracted way too easily. They get distracted by the radio, their friends, and their cell phone. Forget the radio, friends, and cell phones. Drivers should be focused on driving not anything else yet that is all they seem to care about because if it wasn’t then it wouldn’t be the number one death cause against teens. . Sadly teenagers don’t realize just one easily distraction can cause one accident, and someone else’s life. Speeding is something all teenagers love to do. Knowing that it isn’t safe, and isn’t the smartest