Comparing Plath's Metaphor And Sweet Devotion

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Feelings towards motherhood are displayed in Sylvia Plath’s “Metaphor” as well as in Adele’s song “Sweet Devotion”. Though both pieces of work rotate around the theme of motherhood being life changing; each author has their own perspective and feelings in relation to being a mother or beginning the journey of motherhood are displayed in their work. While Adele’s song “Sweet Devotion” displays feelings of joy and happiness towards her son, Plath’s poem “Metaphor” gives off a more bitter or twisted way of looking at her own pregnancy. These two contrasting perspectives on motherhood could be due to the difference in time periods and what being pregnant and having a child meant to women. Sylvia Plath was born in the early-mid 20th century, a …show more content…
While Plath takes on a negative attitude toward being pregnant, Adele displays her continuing excitement and inspiration brought on from her pregnancy. The idea that motherhood truly is life changing is shown in both poems, however, the way the poems are delivered and the attitude associated with each individual poem differ greatly. Plath’s deliver and diction shows her indifference to the beauty of pregnancy and creating life. She feels as though her pregnancy has trapped her and will restrain her from achieving her full potential “Boarded the train there’s no getting off” (From Sylvia Plath “Metaphor”, handout). Not only does this refer to the idea that she was unable to get rid of the child which it seems like she would have if she was able to but the idea that she has boarded the train of motherhood and you never stop being a mother once you have a child even when they grow older. While on the contrary, Adele embraces the theme as shown throughout her song. She accepts the idea that her life has forever changed now that she has a child and this excites her and she welcomes this idea as apparent in this line “Hit me like an explosion | All of my life I’ve been frozen” (From Adele “Sweetest Devotion”, pg 1). Adele understands the importance of both her and the child’s life while Plath can only understand the significance of the child’s life. In “Metaphor” and “Sweetest Devotion” Sylvia Plath and Adele both explore and understand the theme of motherhood being life changing. While Adele welcomes the life altering experience that motherhood instills on an individual forever, Plath remains indifferent to this concept. Although they both differ regarding feelings and attitudes in correlation with the thematic of motherhood they both recognize the idea that entering motherhood will have a lasting impact on one’s