Comparing Quantitative Research Studies

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Comparing Quantitative
Research Studies
Paula Knight, RN
NUR 4165


The purpose of this paper is to critique, contrast, and compare two research studies.
“Assessment of Anxiety in Intensive Care
Patients by Using the Faces Anxiety Scale” written by McKinley, Stein-Parbury,
Chehelnabi, & Lovas will be referred to as study one (2004). “Prevalence of Limited
Health Literacy and Compensatory Strategies
Used by Hospitalized Patients” written by
Morris, Grant, Repp, MacLean, & Littenburg will be referred to as study two (2011).

Selection of Research Interest Area
Choice of Articles

Study one was selected on the basis of its objective › To assess the validity of the Faces Anxiety

› To accurately assess presence and
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Principles of Data Collection and
The instrument used in study one was a valid self-report measure.
 Patients were asked a series of nine questions from an approved anxiety assessment test that they were able to respond to by a nod of the head or a thumbs up.
 The researcher relied on the interviewers, usually the nurse, clinical judgment to calculate the anxiety level of the patients on a 1-10 scale after asking the questions.
 At a time that was convenient for the interviewer, the patients were then asked to indicate their anxiety