Comparing 'Red Cranes And The Firefly Hunt'

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While characters with different narratives, may be similar, the ways in which authors choose to develop those individuals differ. In the short stories “Red Cranes” by Jacey Choy and “The Firefly Hunt” by Jun Tanizaki the protagonist Mia and Shachiko have certain similarities. Mai is more outgoing and interacts with everyone. She is an open book. Sachiko on the other hand is more the opposite and doesn't talk much. The author devolves there characters in very different ways. Mia and Sachiko are fundamentally the same, but through their interactions with other charters in the story, the presentation of their thoughts, and their final moments with the story. To begin with, the main charters differ in their interactions with the other charters in the story. Mia in “Red Cranes” is very interactive with all charters in the story. The narrator shoes this with dialogue. In the story it states, “ You have some wild ideas for a young girls...” This shows she is full off enthusiasm. Sachiko is the complete opposite. She is a very closed person and also shy. The narrator puts us into her head and what she thinks. This is because she doesn't interact with anyone. We are in her head all of the story. We know what she is thinking and how she feels. …show more content…
They are very different in this sense of thought. Mia is an open book. We know what she is thinking at all times cause she tells everyone everything. Sachiko is quiet and closed-minded. The narrator tell us what she is thinking and what it means but she Sachiko herself doesn't speak openly to others. They both have different views and the authors do show us this through out the short stories. In “Red Cranes” the use of dialogue helps explain Mia and how open she his. If she has some thing to say you'll know it. This is the type of person she is. And in “The Firefly Hunt” no dialogue is used which tell us that Sachiko is not open and keeps to