Comparing Religion In The Crucible And Navajo Origin Myth

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With John’s decision to not betray his friends and countless other occurrences of people standing up for their beliefs, it is clear that Americans are people who fight for what they believe in. With Americans having their own beliefs, they will stand up for their opinions and other things such as religion. Throughout the stories that have been read, multiple stories show some kind of religion or belief, and in a lot of the stories they also fight for their beliefs. These two categories fit together, because religion is a kind of belief and is very apparent in many of these stories. I believe that fighting for what you believe in is an important part about being an American, because being an American you should be passionate about your home …show more content…
In Navajo Origin Myth it demonstrates a different religion, rather just believing in one God, they believe in multiple gods. “The Sky Spirit broke off the small end of his giant stick and threw the pieces into the rivers. THe larger pieces turned into beaver and otter; the smaller pieces became fish” (Navajo Origin Myths). This quote shows how they have different gods for different things. This quote also shows their different beliefs about how the Earth was made. Now, in the Crucible religion is very apparent, but is very different than the Indians religion. The Crucible reveals multiple sources of being very religious throughout the play, for example; “What victory would the Devil have to win a soul already bad? It is the best the Devil wants, and who is better than the Minister?” (Miller 1152). I chose this quote because it talks about one of the big issues of religion, which is the devil. Also, it talks about the Minister which an important part of the religion because they lead the church. This quote reveals that in this town, Religion is very important, which the same for many other towns around America. Religion is an important of being an American because it is everywhere. There are about 97.3% of people in the U.S. today who are religious. This percentage comes from about six different kinds of religions (“Religious Landscape Study”). This shows how important religion, one of the biggest beliefs known, is to the people of