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Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism are the main Indian religions that have a lot of similarities despite their followers not believing in the other’s respective religious practices. These three religions have a lot to do with an outlook on life in a philosophical perspective, such as what exactly happens to us when we die. All three believe in Sansara and have a final goal whether it would be reaching nirvana, enlightenment, or Moksa. They all say that the cycle will stop somewhere and when the cycle does stop the soul or sprit has finally reached their form of salvation. Another crucial concept to the livelihood of these religions is that they believe in karma. Throughout their lives they expect to have good things to happen to them, and the only way of achieving this is being kind to their fellow man and believing in the hatred of inflicting pain on one another. This is how the people who follow these certain faiths live their lives day by day, being nice to one another and being good to all those that surround.
The eastern religions have the similar belief that life should be about simplicity. The underlying belief is that life should be lived in harmony with according to the surroundings of the followers. Shinto, Taoism, and Confucianism also focus on being good in society. They all look to fulfill their role in some way. Whether it may be with self or society, the eastern religions do believe that fulfilling this role is essential in life. Another belief or practice of these religions is the concept of morality. The followers of these particular faiths are supposed to act morally to those all around them, whether it may be friends and more importantly family. The eastern religions have a very positive outlook on life and are more similar than many people may think.
The three monotheisms focus heavily on the belief of one true and only God. The main concept of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is that all of them focus heavily on their doctrine. Each religion has a set of guidelines that God had revealed to his people. Following the teachings of the great Prophets is another fundamental part of these religions. Each believer of their respective faith should strive to be the best by following the teachings of the greater mentors such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessings upon all of them). Another important thing to take into consideration when discussing these religions is the fact that all of them have a certain day of the week that they gather for