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Justin axle Ethics/316 Comparing the differences Don Kelly

Comparing the Differences
Dealing with these different types of theories such as virtue theory, utilitarianism and deontology they all come back to the form and status of generally dealing with one’s morality and ethics. Each theory deals with different phases in life, either dealing with a current situation the past or even future. Ethics and morality will ultimately determine the outcome on most circumstances dealing with each of these theories, even though it may not be at the direct moment of the incident. But these ethics should be used in the disadvantageous instance. Generally these certain theories will also determine the future or present, and in due time they will come together to make the best outcome for the current situation or either the future. Virtue Ethics
Virtue ethics usually is determined when an individual has put forth and is determine to strive for excellence. Commonly an individual has put in their mind that failure is not an option and things must be done right. These certain individuals are usually leaders and people start to follow their ethics, therefore they have seen them be used and were successful in doing so. Virtue ethic person has traits and ways about themselves that will make people like and follow their ways. Deontology Ethics
Deontology person has morals and uses good ethics, but their moral and ethics standpoint is more for individual purposes. Deontology individual will not strive to make positive decisions for the individuals, but will make correct ethical decisions for them. Morality correct decision will be in effect as far as the situation is what they believe is an ethical situation at hand and will proceed to make the correct ethical decision at matter. Utilitarianism Ethics
Utilitarianism individual always make the best decision as far as the best results for the current situation that is put forth. They tend to usually be the ones opening up the doors or the lead ways in ethical decision making, this is also the best way for an