Comparing The Monkey's Paw And The Tell-Tale Heart

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Well, We all know that the horror genre is very interesting.The horror genre can be described in many ways,Why do you think people always describe horror genre as monsters, or scary creatures ?What do you even think the horror genre is? Like in the story “The Monkey’s Paw” and “The Tell Tale Heart”, these two storys both contain suspense,mystery,and surprise.

Suspense is wanting to know more. Both story’s has a suspense.An example from “Tell Tale Heart” would be, “it was about a week after the old man,walking suddenly in the night,stretched out his hand and fould himself alone.”that is suspense because you would want to know what would happen next since the old man woke up.My next example, is from the story “The Monkey’s Paw”, “it moved” he cried with a glance of disgustat the object as it lay on the floor”.This is an example,because you would be suspenseful about what is going to happen next. My last example,is from the book”tell tale heart”, “ If you still think me mad,you will no longer.” it is suspense because I’m wondering what he did that is keeping him from not being mad anymore.

The next
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It is like what is unexpected to happen in a story. An example of surprise would be “Tell Tale Heart”. “The old man’s hour has come.” That was a surprise to me because I didn’t think he was going to really kill the old man.My next example is “The Monkey’s Paw”,”It moved!!!” the man cried. This is surprise because, I did not think that would really move.And lastly, is A loud knock resounded through the house.” “its herbert she screamed! ,it’s herbert!

In conclusion,We all know that horror stories has different horror genres,It can be about how you feel or what you are afraid of.Horror is not just about monsters,it can be fears. My thoughts on categorizing texts in horror genre is to do it like i did it in my