Comparing The Sirens In The Odyssey And Atwood's Siren Song

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Shrouded in an air of mystery, the Sirens and their seductive, yet deadly songs are infamous in the mythology of Ancient Greece. While the underlying dangers of the Siren’s song is present in both texts, Odysseus’s portrayal of the Sirens as cunning seductresses is a stark contrast to that of Atwood’s rendition of the Sirens as unfortunate creatures in need of saving. In Homer’s The Odyssey, the legendary Sirens are described from the viewpoint of a mortal in a darker, more forceful tone, emphasizing the cruel effects of the magic on Odysseus. On the other hand, Atwood’s Siren Song illustrates the life of Siren from their own point of view in a conversational tone, apparently focusing on the Siren’s professed desire to be rescued. Although