Comparing The Sky Tree And Legend Of Johnny Appleseed

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Throughout many American myths and legends, they show important values such as selflessness, respect, and honesty. The native american myth, The Sky Tree, presents selflessness and heroism. The American legend, Johnny Appleseed, shows respect. Another American legend, Abraham Lincoln - “Honest Abe”, shows honesty. Myths are fake stories that Native Americans created to give reason to why things happen, such as the moon changing spots, the earth forming, etc. Native Americans created myths because they had no technology or science to show why things happened. American Legends are stories created to show how American icons were good people and support many values and characteristics Americans should have, such as honesty, respect, etc.

The Sky Tree is a creative myth created by Native Americans. There was a town in the sky because there was no land on Earth, there were two rulers of this town, a husband and a wife. The husband fell very sick and had a dream that the
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It’s a story about a man who was called Johnny Appleseed because he planted appleseeds all down the river edge. He was the most selfless and respectful man anyone had ever met. Johnny would walk through nature without shoes and barely any clothing and help anyone he saw in need. He once got invited to have dinner with a family, but wouldn’t touch the food until he knew there would be enough for the kids too. “Many a grandmother in Ohio and Indiana can remember the presents she received when a child from poor homeless Johnny Appleseed. When he consented to eat with any family he would never sit down to the table until he was assured there was an ample supply for the children; and his sympathy for their youthful troubles and his kindness towards them made him friends among all the juveniles of the borders.” Johnny Appleseed showed respect through his actions, and the way he would give up needs in his life for other