Comparing Theoretical Perspective

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Part A: Comparing theoretical perspectives
There might be different reasons why hypothetical twenty-year-old student may choose a career as an airline pilot. However, based on perspectives such as biological, learning, cognitive, socio-cultural, and psychodynamic, we can provide clear reasoning which is unique for each of these perspectives.
Biological Perspective
From a biological perspective, it is difficult and dangerous job. The student might be having certain personality traits which is inherited from his parents and then contributed to choose this career. He might be a student who has an ability to think quickly and make difficult decisions. This career requires that human brain would be able to respond quickly to certain difficult issues.
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This job has a lot of rewarding advantages that might motivate the student to choose this career. Airline pilots usually get a stable salary, benefit package (includes medical and paid destinations) paid vacation time and a good pension plan (McQuerrey, 2018). Also, pilots can explore the world by travelling in different destinations. Another important reward is timing off might be more extended. Based on these benefits, the student might get motivated to pursue a career as an airline pilot.
The student’s family backgrounds might be connected to piloting. Based on the family’s piloting job backgrounds the student wants to get appreciation from his parents. His parents might also influence him and be role models for him. In addition, he may hear about famous pilots. It might influence the student in choosing this career.
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However, one study shows that happiness is positively correlated with money, but until certain level. According to one study conducted by Andrew T. Jebb, it shows positive relationships between higher income and happiness. Nevertheless, if the income reaches certain point, amount of happiness may decrease. This is due that people reach all material goods and after looking for something more meaningful in life such as friends or family (Purdue University, 2018). Although it shows positive correlation between money and happiness, it does not say that it will make happy everybody in the world. It just says that it will make people happy until certain money