Comparing War In Shenandoah And Johnny Got His Gun

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War is consequently, a constant subject in the world today. In the classic film Shenandoah, written by James Lee Barrett and novel, Johnny Got His Gun, written by Dalton Trumbo,both of the central characters experience war. In both of these war based stories, Joe Bonham and Charlie Anderson have similarities such as their perspectives and responsibilities of participation in war. While these similarities are existing, many differences take place. Although Joe Bonham in Johnny Got His Gun and Charlie Anderson in Shenandoah feel obligated to go to war, they both have different motives for their participation. While Joe and Charlie share the obligation to go to war, they have different motives. In the classic novel, Johnny Got His Gun, Joe Bonham is drafted into the war. Draft is compulsory recruitment for military service. It is illegal to not go to war when drafted, so for Joe he is obligated to fight in the war. His motivation wasn’t because he wanted to protect his …show more content…
The Anderson’s didn’t believe in what this war was about. The reason that Charlie and his family went to war was because their family member, Boy, was taken as a prisoner of war. The Anderson family does not feel obligated to join the war when it does not concern them but once Boy was taken, Charlie and the Family are ready to find him. Charlie’s obligation is for his family and how he feels he has to go and find his youngest son that reminds him most of his deceased wife Martha. If Boy was never taken prisoner the family would have never got involved. Joe and Charlie both have different responsibilities for the war and their participation. Joe goes because the United States of America forced him to, whereas Charlie was obligated because the Union took his son. Joe Bonham and Charlie Anderson also have different views on the war and their motivation. Charlie and his family showed that the war didn’t concern them, he was very passive about it, until it