Essay about COMPARIOSN CONTRAST freiends

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My grandmother told me once, “Friendship is like the relation between hands, and eyes; When hands is hurt eyes cry and when eyes cry hand wipes the tears”.During our lifetime, we come across many different types of people, some are good and other are bad. My best friends are Ram and Pralhad. Also, they both were my neighbors and classmate. Although both of my friends believe in god, they have a lots of differences in sports view and cleanliness.
To begin, both of my friends Ram and Pralhad believe in god. To illustrate ram is Hindu and he always goes to temple every Tuesday and Friday with his addition, Ram trust god Vishnu and ask blessing for good education. Similarly, Pralhad is Christian and he always go to church with his father. Also, Pralhad trust god Jesus and pray to get good mark in exams. As both of my friends pray god for their own sake
One of the major differences between these two friends are view on sports. To illustrate, Ram doesn't watch any sports on television or go to any games in persons. When Ram was in school, he never participated in any sports or rarely went to any of the games. On the other hand, Pralhad watches football and cricket regularly. When Pralhad was in school he participated in cricket, football, and volleyball. Also, Pralhad is a loyal fan of Sachin Tendulkar who he thinks is a best cricket player among that sport; thus no matter how bad Sachin is playing, Pralhad will always cheer for him. Pralhad is more interested in sports than ram
In particular, the biggest differences between these two friends