Comparison And Contrast Essay: Beowulf Hinds

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Beowulf Contrast Essay Sometimes it is easier to physically present descriptive words within stories instead of just letting reader assume through graphics in a novel. In the graphic novel Beowulf by Gareth Hinds, he illustrates how a hero defeats a monster named Grendel and Grendel’s mother. Through literary devices such as tone, diction, and imagery, the formats presented by Burton Raffel and Prose was depicted better than the graphic novel version.
The tone within the poem and story is more evident than of the graphic novel. The graphic novel has more of an objective tone because he is just telling the story with facts. For example when Beowulf states, “if only the destroyer will come out of his dwelling and meet me in battle,” there are no details, just objective tone throughout. The main focus of the graphic novel is within the pictures. On the other hand, the other two formats seem to be more assertive in their tone on how great of a hero Beowulf is. They glorify him more than Hinds ever did
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For one thing, the visuals of the graphic shows the reader’s straightforwardly how everything is seen such as the image of Beowulf and the fighting scene. That allows no room for the imagination of the reader and the images aren’t particularly strong because the pictures drawn are more bland. Meanwhile, the imagery in the poem and story are especially stronger because of how much detail are put into describing the characters and scenes. For example Grendel’s “eyes gleamed in the darkness, burned with gruesome light” shows powerful imagery of how the dark in his eyes contrasts with the burning light. This allows the reader to have a more vivid image of how Grendel is in their own eyes.
In conclusion, the way Beowulf was told was fitter in the other two formats of a poem and story than of a graphic novel. That is due to the fact that they have major differences in tone, diction, and