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Automobile Decisions for Families

Today, the automobile is really different from the way that it was 50 years ago, but it still has the same basic structures. Fifty years ago, people who wanted to buy an automobile had a small variety to choose from. Nowadays, there are so many choices that it could take months or years to look at all the cars on the auto market. For those buyers who are looking for a vehicle for their families, one of the first questions is, “Should I buy a sports utility vehicle (SUV) or a four-door sedan?” To reach a decision, a buyer can compare these two car types in terms of their overall cost, convenience, and stability. One important similarity is their cost. Both SUVs and sedans are very expensive automobiles. If a car is made, it requires an engine, frames, a lot of parts, and a labor force. Thus, automobiles are expensive than other, which are bicycles or motorcycles. On the other hand, SUVs and sedans often differ in their costs. SUVs are more expensive than sedans, because SUVs cost a lot of the vehicle production cost. Also, SUV’s frames are completely different from a sedan’s, because of the different sizes. Generally, SUVs are safer because its body shell of a car locates higher than sedan. For instance, the Korean news said, “SUVs have the survival rate three times more often than sedans” (Korean Broadcasting System). Unlike SUVs, sedans are slightly cheaper at any automobile markets. They have low fuel consumption and small size. Thus, we can buy sedans inexpensively and many people prefer the sedan because of financial reasons. Another similarity between SUV and sedan are the convenience. The automobiles have been developed composition of the car, design, style, auto parts, and convenience every day. Convenience is the most important part to choose between SUV and sedan. First, they have a large space in order to feel comfortable and safety during the driving. In addition, they are very durable, have air-conditioner/heater system, Bluetooth, battery charger, radio, and navigation. However, they have different conveniences between them. SUV has high roofs. So drivers could drive comfortably because it’s easy to see far ahead. Also, SUV has similar characteristic with a recreational vehicle. It can be driven on an unpaved road, mountain path, or dangerous road easily than sedans. Lastly, SUV is easy to park everywhere because it has high roofs. In contrast, sedan has lower roofs than SUV, so it is affected the windage resistance less than SUV. It affects the gas mileage too. Sedan has fuel-efficient cars because it has smaller size and lower roofs than SUV. In addition, sedan makes less noise than SUV, so it is comfortable to ride in. Finally,…