Comparison Between Medea and the Epic of Giglamesh. How Love Affected the Characters Actions. Essay

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The Greatest Thing in Life

“The greatest thing in life is love, and be loved in return” (Eden Ahbez). “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (Cor 13:7). Love also influences all things. It is a powerful force that drives people to do things they would normally not do. In the news, there are several instances of murder in the name of love or robbing a bank because a person needs money for the person they love. There are also everyday instances of moving cross country for the person you love, leaving the person you love just to see them happy, or choosing another career path just to be with your significant other. In the literary works The Epic of Gilgamesh and Medea. Gilgamesh and Medea prove
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Gilgamesh is stricken with grief. He casts his royal robes off, puts on beggar clothes, and roams the land alone. Gilgamesh becomes terrified of death and will do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen to him. He goes on a quest to find Utnapishtim, who survived the great flood and was given immortality. He travels to the ends of the earth and back looking for Utnapishtim. Utnapishtim explains to Gilgamesh that since the gods give life, they can ultimately decide when to take it away. He also explained that the only reason why he was immortal was because the gods turned him and his wife into gods. Gilgamesh returns to Uruk not fearing the gods, death, and realizes he can move on in his life. He returns a merciful ruler; he is no longer restless, a tyrant or bully. He becomes a ruler that Uruk needs. His love for Endiku made these changes.
In the literary work Medea, the main driving force in all of Medea’s actions is love. She is introduced as Jason’s wife. In the beginning of their life together, Jason and Medea had to flee to Corinth because of Medea’s trickery. In Corinth, Jason has recently abandoned Medea and her children in order to remarry to advance his own station within the kingdom by marrying the kings daughter. Medea is in such a depression due to Jason’s decision; she is not eating and is spending her days bed-ridden. She is starting to despise the sigh of her own children due to Jason’s betrayal. Medea begins to plot to get rid