Comparison Contrast Essay

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Nohemi Alvarado
Mrs. Brown
5th period
October 1st 2014

Comparing and contrasting

Hunger Games and “The Interlopers;” these very remarkable stories. In which both have a lot of similarities and differences, but the ones that stand out the most are the ones dealing with or involved with death,danger,love, and surviving skills. Danger taking place in both stories is expressed in
The Hunger Games by: Katniss and
Peeta having to use their survival skills, out in the middle of nowhere, to win the game for their district. Same as in “The Interlopers,” both front danger when facing each other and desiring each others death.
The Hunger Game’s goal, in order to win the game, is to fight everything that is in their way, which also includes killing! At the same time in “The Interlopers,” the two men also fight against everything that is in their way. Each of them is in each others way, so they have to fight each other or kill each other, for the land of beech trees between the two. Man v.s nature in
The Hunger Games is also described when Katniss deals with the fire in the forest. As well as in “The Interlopers,” when the men are trapped under a beech tree and they struggle to survive. Differences which both stories share a lot of are understood in
The Hunger Games when Katniss holds no grudge towards anyone. Meanwhile in “The Interlopers,” both men have a feud going on for a while that they quite haven't let go of yet. Katniss having such a