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Communism vs. Capitalism

For several years the United States of America has had rather dim view of communism, a form of politics that should not spread to other countries. We experienced 40 years of terror as a result of the Cold War and any country should not have to endure that many years of terror. We now understand that communism is not an evil; it is just another way of organizing a country. Capitalism and communism both have their own ideas on how a government should be run. Things compete because of their similarities, not differences. Pepsi Co. and Coca-Cola compete because they both produce a cola beverage. A sprinter does not compete against a swimmer. The only way they can compete is if one plays the other’s game. Communism and capitalism share superficial differences and this is why their competition has existed in the first place. In a capitalist, democratic nation such as the United States, freedom gives us almost everything that the Vietnamese do not get in their communist country. Americans are the most progressive people in the world. The government is not directing the flow of our economy. Our individual businesses and enterprises are as long as they are running them under the legal guidelines of our government. Such freedom in a capitalist society gives us Americans much greater advantages over the Vietnamese government. When we discuss the topic of education, there is a percentage of people that are educated. This percentage is roughly 80%. The Vietnamese government does not provide free public education to its people, and not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford it. Many children in rural areas are pulled out of schools as soon as they know how to read and write. Further education is not really an option for the children of this country. Fortunately, children in many of the capitalist nations are provided with the adequate education that they need. The majority of the American population has at least passed the elementary and middle school levels. College students who are in need of financial aid do not have to worry since the government is willing to give out grants and loans that can be paid back at a later time. Under communism, education is really not as beneficial to an individual. In Vietnam for example, a job is still hard to find even if you possess a Master’s degree. In a communist society most of the citizens are a close