Comparison Essay

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Comparison Essay
I have driven many different kinds of cars, from very slow cars like Jeep to very fast cars like
B.M.W, since I got my driving license, but just two of them were very attractive for me. Kia Forte and
B.M.W 235i are two well­known brands of cars in all over the world. Although both are very fast and suitable for an interesting driving, there is an ocean difference between their safety, quality of engine, and driving convenience.
Although safety of both cars is better than old cars, no one likes to drive a Kia. You have heard about its safety, so needless to say, with an Forte you are going to kill yourself if an accident happens.
The body of Kia is beautiful but very weak. It stands to reason, after an accident you can see that how weak its body is. In contrast, B.M.W 235i has a magic body and you can survive an accident. There is not any air bag in Forte, and even its seat belt isn't standard that has caused several chokes and asphyxias during accidents while B.M.W uses the latest technology in its cars to avoid any death and casualty. Both B.M.W 235i and Kia Forte have fuel injection engine, but efficiency of B.M.W is different. Forte’s engine is a simple motor that Iranians have only changed some parts of its electronic parts. Unlike the Forte, B.M.W Company has used a mixture of high­tech and high­end engine in its motor and this company changes and improves the quality of its engine day to day. The amount of fuel that Forte consumes is almost like B.M.W, but the newest brands of B.M.W which have Euro standards