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Daniel Bracho
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Comparison and Contrast Essay

Self-Employment is better than working for others

In the current situation the country is going through, and especially in the current economy, jobs are increasily harder to find, and the ones available are bound to really rough competition, and poor hourly rates. Given this situation, self-employment has appeared as an attractive alternative for many people, as it is a valid way to bypass job position competitivity and education requirements, as well as schedule restriction, undesirable work place environment and relationships, amongst other aspects related to working for a company.
Probably the biggest advantage of being self-employed is time flexibility. Eliminating the restriction of having to be bound to a schedule gives the owner of a company more time to focus on other aspects of life, such as family, education, relationships, hobbies, etcetera, contributing to a person’s better mental health and overall emotional stability. Also working at one’s own pace and without the pressure of deadlines is also beneficial to a person’s physical health, since stress is currently one of the top diseases that affect the modern society, helping to trigger subsequent conditions, like hypertension, overweight, diabetes, cancer, gastritis, and so forth. Furthermore the capability of a self-employed person to control the environment he lives in daily is also a positive aspect, since a workplace environment can be often toxic, where every day, workers cope with factors like difficult relationships with their bosses or even peers. Competitiveness inside a workplace can turn said environment into a toxic agent that may severely injure a person’s mental wellbeing.
Another advantage of being self-employed is the money remuneration for the services provided. Salaries nowadays aren’t what they used to be, mainly due to the late 2000’s economic crisis that struck the country, which led many businesses to cease operations, reduce their staff member number, or to lower hourly rates to their remaining workforce. As a self-employed person, one has control over the income perceived, and this is decided by how much a person is willing to work, the conditions and the quality of the services