Comparison Essay Comparing Beowulf And Batman

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To the society, a hero is someone who has strong leadership skills, dependability, and represents hope. From the Anglo-Saxons to the world today, all heroes have the characteristic of being courageous and determined to finish their job. The Anglo-Saxons, and many other kingdom-based nations, designate a hero as someone who can be exalted and remembered because of their values to respect God’s anointed people as their hope. In contrast, modern-day values demand heroes to be equal in power to other people and thus set our hero to be selfless and kind to others. As a result, heroes like Batman is very popular as it portrayed heroes to be fearless while originating from the general population and stood out as a role model. Therefore, Beowulf and Batman are similar heroes in terms of their courage and determination; however, they differ …show more content…
Beowulf is a very courageous and determined person that the Danes look up to when in need. For example, in the epic Beowulf, “The Danes gave up...and went home” when all hopes was left to Beowulf to defeat the Grendel’s mother was lost after mistakenly thought their hero had lost the battle. However, once Beowulf rose, it represents security that was produced from a courageous and determined hero. Similarly, Batman is one of the most popular heroes where his presence meant security and hope to battle the Joker that threatens the city or something of a similar kind. Batman is an ordinary human being with extreme courage that secured Gotham’s city from disaster and thus portrayed to be a hero in many movies that we all enjoy. Since both Beowulf and Batman are symbolized as hope to the society, their stories are written to be remembered. Therefore, both the Anglo-Saxons and modern-day values are similar in a way that heroes are characterized to be outstanding and making a difference in their own