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Another Great “Report” of the Hunting Rifle vs. the Bow

Why do more and more hunters seem to choose a hunting rifle over a bow? The answer may be as simple as knowing that a growing number of hunters these days prefer the ease of hunting that comes with using a rifle. According to a 2012 poll of 580 hunters by Field and Stream, 17 percent more preferred a rifle over a bow for hunting, especially when hunting for larger game such as deer. No matter what type of hunt is on the agenda a simplistic hunt is always an accepted practice for an outdoorsman. The rifle has been used as a primary weapon of choice over the bow for most hunters since the invention of the firearm.

The type of equipment for hunting begins with the ease of use. Learning to use a rifle for hunting is a much easier process than learning to use a bow. Rifles require less maintenance and parts replacement than a bow which may be more cost effective. Once sighted in, rifles remain more accurate than an arrow fired from a bow. Arrows tend to bend or break more often, whereas a bullet, may be loaded and unloaded with ease for without damage. When shooting a rifle, the hunter may use a fixed object to hold the weapon steady and take a well-aimed shot; this cannot be done with a bow. Whether you are a novice or experienced hunter, most deer hunters will choose a rifle over a bow for a more simplistic hunt.

Accessing any type of stand or blind is much easier with a rifle. Most tree stands average twelve to twenty feet in height. When using a rifle sling, you don’t waste extra time having to retrieve your weapon like you do with a bow after climbing. While retrieving a bow from the ground with a rope, many hunters either drop arrows, or create excessive noise from the bow striking the ladder. In an open tree stand, a rifle is easier to access and doesn’t require as much movement as a bow, which may alert the animal. A rifle is also more convenient when shooting from an enclosed blind, as you only require a small port for the rifle barrel. A bow requires a larger shooting window that degrades a hunter’s concealment. Rifles should always be considered first when hunting from stands or blinds.

A bullet fired form a rifle is always more effective than an arrow. When hunting with a bow, there is a greater chance of just wounding game instead of…