Comparison of Anime Styles through History Essay

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Kaitlyn Corbo
Comparison Of Anime Styles The main differences you will notice when comparing an anime style from around the beginning or 2000, to now, are the animation and facial features. The features from Kodocha an older anime, are much more simplifized, with everything from clothing, to body anatomy, to the actual face. The eyes and clothing from the new anime I used, Soul Eater are much more detailed, and the facial features are slightly closer to human features, with the fact that the eyes are more shaped and smaller, and the mouth and nose is larger. Also, the body is much more detailed with the character from Soul Eater, which makes sense because Soul Eater is a much more mature anime and Kodocha is a shojo anime(which is cutesy and romantic). One last thing I have noticed is that the character from Kodocha has a face that is much more square, and the jaw is larger. The other drawings are of what is called Chibi, which is a smaller, and more exagerated version of normal anime. The head and eyes are bigger, and the body is normally smaller and shorter, giving it a very childlike and "cute" look to the characters. The hands and feet may also be longer, but bigger towards the end, or much smaller and show very little detail. For the most part the body has very little detail, and is more "cartoony" if you will, making the longer and bigger hair and eyes stand out more. Chibi is often used in anime or manga to portray very exagerated emotions such as anger, which is