Comparison Of Baseball And The Steroid Era

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For my final project, I focused on baseball and the famous Steroid Era. Unfortunately, my presentation was a bit bigger than usual so I had a hard time uploading my assignment. I provided an external link; however, this did not work. My presentation has videos to compliment the information on the slides so we will see if the professor can actually access the PowerPoint. The reason behind researching and writing about baseball is because it is currently baseball season. I was an active baseball fan growing up throughout the Steroid Era; however, I personally lost interest as more and more of my favorite athletes were caught with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Baseball was fun back then with athletes swinging for the fences averaging about …show more content…
Some consider baseball being an extremely long with how many games they play in a single season; however, the increase in homeruns balanced it all out in my opinion. The fan base is slowly growing again with people like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton hitting 50+ homeruns last season. Furthermore, Chris Sale had 300 strikeouts in 2017, most by a left-handed pitcher since Randy Johnson in 1993 – baseball is heading in the right direction. Now the question in everyone’s mind, are they on PEDs? Currently, the latest player to test for steroid use is Royals Right Fielder Jorge Bonifacio, he was suspended for 80 games in 2018. Jorge Bonifacio tested positive for the steroid Boldenone in 2018 (Lott, 2018, Main section para. 1). This is Bonifacio’s first positive test for steroids and the first person to test positive in 2018. Boldenone is an