Comparison Of Black Swan Green And Letters To A Young Poet

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In the stories of “Black Swan Green” and Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Marie Rilke and David Mitchell the central idea is Beauty from within. “Black Swan Green” is about a young poet that has a speech imperiment and visits a lady that teaches him about the nature of beauty and tries to show him how to express it. Letters to a Young Poet is about a poet that asks for advice on his poems from another poet. Both stories convey that beauty is natural and it can not be created. In the story of “Black Swan Green” by David Mitchell the character of Madame Crommelynck develops the idea that beauty cant be created it only lies within things. An example from the text is when she says that “The amateur thinks his words, his paints, his notes, makes the beauty. But the master knows his words is just the vehicle in who beauty exists”(p.147). This implies that a Master knows he cant create beauty but only try to influence it while an amateur thinks that the things he does has beauty. Another example is when Madame Crommelynck says that “Your potter has made the vase, yes, but has not made the beauty. Only an object where beauty resides” (p.148). …show more content…
He says that “nothing touches a work of art so little as words of criticism” (letter one). If he criticizes his work and gives him advice on how to make it better it well then not come from within himself and it wont be a work of literature that he did himself. Rilke tells the young poet that he shouldn’t write to get a reward from people. He should write because he enjoys it and something doesn’t need to be liked by everyone to be beautiful. As long as the author himself likes it is what really