Comparison Of Cardiff To Wales

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I am going discuss what the evidence the tables (Open University, 2010, p22) show me in terms of people’s identities and the differences and similarities from the comparisons of Cardiff to Wales as a whole.

Viewing table 1, the figures from 2007 show me that Cardiff has a higher percentage of people of working age than Wales overall, this could be due to that fact there are more job opportunities in Cardiff as it’s the capital city and situated in the most populated area of Wales. This table also shows that there are fewer pensioners in Cardiff compared to Wales as a whole and a slightly lower percentage of children. The pace of city life could be too hectic for pensioners who prefer a quieter life and the lower percentage of children could be due to the reasons I will list when looking at table 2.

Table 2 looks at the fertility rate of mothers by age and the evidence suggest that women tend to have their children at a later stage of life in Cardiff compared to the rest of Wales, one reason could be that they are career or education minded and living in a big city gives them more opportunities to take this direction with their life’s.

Table 3 looks at the annual migration statistics with England between Cardiff and Wales circa 2003-2007. The table shows us that the numbers of people leaving Wales as a whole for England are much higher than those leaving Cardiff for the same destination. This could tell us that jobs opportunities or possibly quality of life are not as high in the rest of Wales as they maybe in Cardiff. Looking at the inflow statistics people coming into Cardiff from England are of a much higher percentage of those coming into Wales as a whole, which again could add to the argument that there are a lot more opportunities in Cardiff compared to rest of Wales.

Table 4 looks at the numbers of people (aged 3 and over), speaking the native language of welsh between 1991 and 2001. This table shows that in Wales overall there is a much larger percentage of people speaking welsh than Cardiff, although the number of people