Comparison Of Cinderella Man And The Jungle

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Ever wonder what it is like to be a boxer? Ever wonder what it was like to be a boxer during the Great Depression? Ron Howard’s film Cinderella Man, features Russell Crowe starring as James J. Braddock who is a professional boxer. He loses his job and opportunities to fight when the Great Depression sweeps across the nation. To be able to make ends meet he works on the docks as a day laborer. This turns out to be very stressful on the family because Braddock is never guaranteed work everyday. One day his manager, Joes Gould, finds him a fight against a tough, young, and rising star in the boxing community. Against all odds James Braddock finds a way to pull off a huge upset and win the boxing match. After Mr. Braddock gets paid from the fight he goes back to the gym to train full time once more. James’s wife, Mae Braddock, is very hesitant and scared to see her husband fight and potentially get hurt even more. James J. Braddock is given the nickname “Cinderella Man” from his rags-to-riches life story.
Overall, this movie was a quality film that really brought to life what life was like for a family trying
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Both of the plot lines share a common theme of chasing the American Dream. Both stories include a devastating injury as well. This causes money to be even tighter than ever before and puts a strain on their relationships with their wives. When money gets sparse both James and Jurgis promise to work harder because they feel like they are failing. A small similarity that they both share is that both setting in the early 1900’s rely on a small wood or coal burning stove to heat the whole house. A common theme among each story is that both are having a tough time buying groceries and food to eat. They go as far as to water down the milk to make it last an extra meal or two. The very last similarity to point out is that both of these stories are non-fiction