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Arena ah ­ ree ­ n uh
— noun —
1. the oval space in the center of a Roman amphitheatre for gladiatorial combats or other performances. 2. a central stage, ring, area, or the like, used for sports or other forms of entertainment, surrounded by seats for spectators: a boxing arena; a circus arena


Westpac Stadium



to replace the current regional to stage various forms of stadium, athletic park, which was entertainment for the roman inadequate for international events citizens to ensure the popularity and loyalty to the
Flavian dynasty emperors

conditions of venue in present day

weather damage

fire damage earthquake damage stone loss due to theft

construction dates

1998 ­ 2000

70 ­ 80 A.D


seating ­ 34,500
­ 31,000 public seating
­ 24,000 covered seating
with temporary seating
64 corporate boxes

seating 50,000 ­ 87,000


­ length 235m
­ width 185m
­ area 48,000m²
­ height 26m

­ length 189m
­ width 156m
­ area 24,000m² (6 acres)
­ height 48m


147 Waterloo Quay, Wellington,
New Zealand

Piazza del Colosseo, 1,
00184 Roma, Italy

materials used

concrete 1800 cubic meters structural steel 1590 tonnes reinforcing steel 2700 tonnes lighting 392,2000 watt globes

­ travertine
­ tufo (tuff)
­ concrete
­ tiles
­ marble


turnstiles 43 escalators 2 goods lifts 2 entrance into stadium 1 main entrance to public seats 36 entrance to pitch 4 toilets total 658
­ toilet pans 383
­ urinals 275 television sets 270 car parks 850 food and beverage outlets 15 mobile beverage outlets 9

vertical shafts 80 trap doors 36 entrances total 80 latrines construction funding 130 million from:
­ Wellington Regional Council and
Wellington regional ratepayers
­ Wellington City Council and
Wellington city ratepayers
­ New Zealand Lottery Grants
­ The Community Trust of
­ Deloitte Club Members
­ Stadium Corporate Box Holders

the stolen treasures from the conquered city, jerusalem

built by

Fletcher Construction
­250 on site
­230 offsite

100,000 slaves as result of jewish war

event participators

­trained professionals exhibition hosts musicians gladiators
­ slaves
­ roman citizens musicians acrobatics gymnasts animal specialists/trainers animals events

rugby cricket soccer concerts exhibitions

gladiatorial fights mock sea battles sacrifices wild animal hunts circus acts
­ acrobatic performances
­ highwire and balancing acts executions wrestling historical events reenactments protective equipment helmets mouth guards shin guards knee guards shoulder pads shirts and shorts
­ lightweight, breathable, non restricting basics:





Wellington Regional Stadium Trust current reigning emperor or editor sponsors

­ westpac
­ deloitte

current reigning emperor

audience participation ­ fan bases
­ team encouragers
­ interactive and supporters

­ fan bases
­ encouragers
­ interactive and supporters
­ has an influence on the
‘editors’ decision if he wants a defeated gladiator dead


promotions through:
­ television
­ radio
­ billboards
­ social networking

promotions through:
­ billboards
­ speakers


­ non participants of importance up in corporate boxes
­ public are free to choose and buy tickets which determine their seat(s) ­ non participants of importance closer to event
­ public are seated due to their social ranking width 40cm

various helmets arm guard (manica) shin guards (greaves) various shields togas belts sandals leg room 70cm

overall purpose venue links

entertainment links

experience links