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Osama Bin Laden was eliminated in order to fulfill the American dream of justice and bring an end to the invincibility myth. The threat of the terrorist will continue to exist as long as their main objective of replacing the existing governments in the Arab countries with the pure Islamist states has not been fully accomplished. The end result will be the restoration of Islamic caliphate. Then bringing an end to his life will not actually end the terrorist attack or simply remove the beliefs of the Al Qaeda proponents. High on the list was the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak who protesters overwhelmingly ousted from power without a single aid from either Al Qaeda or terrorism. The former Egyptian government was corrupt and feckless. Libya, Syria and Yemen are the main regimes still under siege.

Critics argued that Al Qaeda is increasingly becoming outdated with the demise of Bin Laden. We may be cautioned against such premature celebrations. Believing in such arguments since it is tempting to think that the operations of Al Qaeda have ended. Their main target has not been achieved that is establishing a Muslim caliphate in the Arab world and also removing an obstacle that stands on their way or preventing them from achieving such mission.

The death of Bin Laden may steer the Al Qaeda to plan an attack so as to counter the notion that they are no longer operational. The most remarkable might even come from its local affiliates. That is the well-connected and designed networks of Al Qaeda operations. These groups cannot rely on one another. They can plan attacks in countries of North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and local governments in Middle East. This will help them establish their rule hence long-lasting dynasties. The networks may not need the support of Bin Laden Once in place and in fact, they have been proceeding with his minimal supervision for several years.

The Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al Shabab in Somalia these are the affiliates that Bin Laden has helped create. The Al Shabab are still in the verge of recruiting, financing and training terrorist activities in the border of Kenya and Somalia and also in the Indian Ocean (where they hijack ships destined for Kenyan Coast).The episodes at both Tahir square and the…