Comparison Of George Washington's Life And Family

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Early life and family
George Washington had the chance to trace his family’s tree in North America to his Great-Grandfather,John Washington,John then migrated from England to Virginia.George’s family was holding some precious values in England and was given land by Henry VIII.
Augustine was a very ambitious man who received land,slaves,built mills,and he grew tobacco . For a while he had taken into opening iron mines.He had gotten married to his first wife,Jane Butler and had 3 kids.Jane died in 1729 and when that happened he married his second wife Mary Ball in 1731.George was the eldest of all six kids born to Mary,all of which survived to adulthood.The family lived on pope’s creek westmoreland county,virginia.Augustin told the family that they were moving up the Potomac River to another Washington family home,Little Hunting Creek
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25 facts about George
1.George did not have a middle name
2.He was not born on February 22,1732 he was actually born on February 11,1731
3.George Washington’s hair was not a wig it was actually real