Comparison Of Hamlet And Franco Zeffirelli's Adapta Of Hamlet

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Many of William Shakespeare’s works are adapted into film. In the film adaptations of Hamlet by Kenneth Branagh and Franco Zeffirelli both display a variety of elements that cause the films to be effective and ineffective through elements such as directorial choice and character portrayal. The Kenneth Branagh adaptation of “ The Mousetrap” scene from Hamlet is more effective than Franco Zeffirelli's because of the directorial choice and character portrayal.done Firstly, the Branagh adaptation of Hamlet is more effective than due to the directorial choices he has made. While reading the play it was clear that Horatio had to be placed in an area where he could observe Claudius but be inconspicuous at the same time. Branagh places him behind …show more content…
A main part of the play Hamlet is the actual character pretending to be crazy as part of his big plan to get revenge on his uncle. Branagh does an extraordinary job of displaying Hamlet’s craziness. He makes him interrupt the play on many occasion while even jumping onto the stage at times. An example of this is when Lucianus is about to pour the poison into Gonzago’s ear. Hamlet jumps out of his seat and walks onto the stage and says “So you mistake your husbands. Begin, murderer. Pox, leave thy damnable faces and begin. Come, the croaking raven doth. Bellow for revenge” (3.2.228-230). Here, Hamlet is getting frustrated as he has been waiting for Claudius to show he is guilty since the play began. He is getting himself ready for the big reveal of whether Claudius did truly kill his father. To keep up his act it is only right to see Hamlet acting this way in front of a large audience. To be yelling at the top of one’s lungs in front of an audience and disturbing a play while it is in progress is definitely not something one would expect from their future king. Branagh is smart in the way he portrays Hamlet’s craziness. He portrays his character well in the beginning of the play where the ghost reveals how he was killed, but makes sure to tell Hamlet to leave his mother out of it. Though he will not hurt her that does not mean that Hamlet cannot be upset with his mother. Her makes a not-so-subtle jab at his mother when he says “For look you how cheerfully my mother looks, and my father died within’s two hours” (3.2.112-113). It is evident that Gertrude feels upset and Claudius sees this and tries to comfort her which results in both of them missing the dumb show. Hamlet is clearly still angry at his mother for remarrying so quickly after his father's death and it is shown more than once in this scene. After the prologue Ophelia states that it was short to which Hamlet