Comparison Of Macy's, Nordstorm And Marshalls Online Marketing

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Comparison of Macy’s, Nordstorm and Marshalls online Marketing
Mingda Dong (Mario)
Macy’s, Nordstorm and Marshalls all have official website and they all have their own Facebook and Twitter account. But sometimes these online marketing tools play different marketing roles in their marketing strategy. This article will compare online marketing strategy of Macy’s, Nordstorm and Marshalls in the following chapter.
1. Official website
First of all, from stabilization perspective, Macy’s official website does not good. Nordstorm and Marshalls official website works well when a customer wants to view it. But Macy’s website takes long time to loading and sometimes you just cannot loading because the system improvement like the following picture shows:

Secondly, from visual and convenience perspective, Macy’s and Marshalls official websites are visual and colorful. There are lots of pictures and products on the home page but Nordstorm website looks simple, no pictures and heavy words. Though Nordstorm website is not visual, it has clear categories (Men, Women, Bed & Bath, Juniors and so on) so that customers can find what they need conveniently. Compare to Nordstorm, it is more complicated and takes more steps to find the goods which the customers need on Marshalls website.

Thirdly, from functional perspective, customers can only view the products on Marshalls official website. Marshalls do not offer online order service at all. But customers can easily know how many people like the products and easily see the product reviews on Facebook or other social media. It is also for customers write a review for a product through the website. Nordstorm offer online order and home delivery service on the official website but customers cannot see the review conveniently. Compare to Marshalls and Nordstorm, Macy’s