Comparison Violence Essay

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Alanis Black
Ms Jones
World Literature
12 February 2013
Comparison On Violence
In The Iliad the biggest theme seems to be violence, there’s a lot of war and the only way things seemed to be solved is by fighting. There’s a lot of murder more than free fighting and someone actually surviving in it. Usually the fighting in The Iliad is caused by really stupid things that always seem to happen. In our world today yes there is violence, always has been and always will be. Yes, there is war still around. The Iliad may or may not be fully true, but war is one thing that is and always have been around for centuries and more centuries to come. People just can’t seem to get along.
In the article Slaughter Of The Innocents a horrible shooting massacre occurred. Many don’t know the reasoning behind it either and most wouldn’t because there really is no reason for it, but of course there is. A very stupid reason it happened, but it also had a very simple solution, people just didn’t see it. It was said the man that did the shooting was the father of one of the kids that went there and that he was mentally unstable. He didn’t like the principal's reaction to him when they were talking about his child so the next day he came in with a gun and killed a whole bunch of the kids.
In the article Attacks On Christians a riot broke out against a Protestant church. It is said the attack occurred on Dec. 9, in Weeraketiya. A crowd of about a thousand people, most being
Buddhist monks, stormed the church