Comparison of Marketing Strategy of Wellcome and City’super in Hong Kong Essay

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Comparison of Marketing Strategy of Wellcome and City’super in Hong Kong

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Table of Content

1. Introduction 3

2. Target Segment 3

3. Marketing Strategy 4

3.1. Product Strategy 4

3.2. Price Strategy 5

3.3. Promotion Strategy 5

3.4. Place Strategy 6

4. Conclusion 6

5. Reference 6


City’Super established in 1996, under FENIX GROUP which is established in 1972 by Masaaki Ogino (jap), their operation mainly in garment industry, like OZOC, Anteprima, Indivi and A/T etc…
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Besides, they have a website as welcome did but more informative, including wine knowledge and food knowledge. Besides, they have a Superlife Culture Club to provide different trade shows and cooker class, inviting the celebrity and chefs to teach customer which can build a high-end and positive image and raise the reputation of the store in order to increase customer loyalty.

4 Place Strategy

Wellcome has 250 stores in HK, NT. Kowloon, running in an intensive place strategy, cover different public estate and shopping mall. They bring convenience to the customer who live nearby since they are always close to the residential area. Shop locations that close to consumers’ living place are very important because their target customer is mainly buying daily foods and convenient products. Furthermore, because their target base included low level income customer, they use to open in a cheaper rental like public estate and willing to open more branches to get more market share.

City’super only got 4 branches in HK, as long as they are targeting in niche market and not mass market. And their branches is located in the most luxury shopping center in HK, the rental is much more expensive then other second grade shopping mall, but their customer bases is higher income paid customer and they are will visit