comparitive essay: The Glass Menagerie & Frankenstein

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Abbey Grills
Dec 4/2014

Many people are rejected by their parents and people in society because they are perceived as different. In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, characters are rejected by their parent and by their peers which makes them become socially and emotionally alienated from the rest of society. Laura and the Creature are both alienated by their parent figure, they are alienated from society by others and they contrast because of their different endings. People are sometimes neglected by their parent and this makes them become withdrawn from society. To start off, Laura’s mom disregards her which has an impact on Laura dropping out of Business College. Her mom scorns her about the, “Fifty dollars’ tuition, all of [their] plans- my hopes and ambitions for you –just gone out up the spout,” (II.17). BY saying this Amanda, Laura’s mom, is making her feel bad about dropping out of college and leaving her to feel alienated. Amanda also cannot connect to Laura emotionally, so she shows a lack of sensitivity towards her daughter. Similarly, the Creature was pushed to be an outcast because of the parental alienation that Victor showed him. Right after Dr. Frankenstein creates the monster, he was so frightened that he, “escaped and rushed downstairs” (43). Victor showed his neglect towards the creature right from the start. This left him to be exiled into the forest. To conclude, when a parent makes their child feel irrelevant, the child tends to detach from society.
When a person is alienated by others in their community, they are left on their own and are without friends. To begin, Laura is alienated from everyone else at her which leads her to be alone. While Laura was talking to Jim in her living room about why she quit school, she mentioned