Comparizon and Contrast Essay

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Kind of Stress

Alexis D. Sanchez
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Renee Zelden


At this time the most common health disease in the modern world is stress

special in college student. I think they have compact schedules, so every

day more students suffer stress. Stress has been classified in to three types

academic, financial, and personal stress.

One type of stress is academic, this is relevant whit work and study at the same

time, imply a big concentration in your daily schedule. Because classes are

the principal focus , but you don't forgot the job. Lab hours is the other

important assignments and study for the test, otherwise how to skip lever to save

money and time. Academic stress may cause the students to get bad grades and

fail their courses.

In addition to academic stress, the students often feel financial pressure.

First of all, it is very important for any single student that the government cover

a financial aid, the same time you can pay the class, buy bocks ,other

financial stress are relevant whit pay bills ,insurance ,and gasoline. In

consequence, it make you have less control of your duties and drive you to


Along whit academic and financial worries, students face personal pressures.

For example, getting divorced is one of the most common causes of family

conflicts. Facing family conflicts can make students to get depressed. Also

caring for children is the most