Compare And Contrast My Bedroom And My Living Room

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Comparison of Places Essay Even though my bedroom and my living room are both under one roof, both are rooms that can be versatile, cozy, and inviting because they are spaces in my home where I have the freedom to create whatever atmosphere that I desire. For example, in my living area, I chose a light beige paint that is soothing and soft on the eyes to cover the walls. In my bedroom, the walls are dressed with an iced-gray blue color that represents calm, serenity, and peacefulness. Both rooms have a versatile arrangement or setup where I can easily switch out decorations and color schemes if I get bored. The boredom generally happens twice a year: summer and winter. Some of the decorations that I switch out in my living room include throw pillows, candles, curtains, chair cushions, vases, and occasionally the area rugs. In my living area, you will find that all of the main furniture is neutral-colored, which makes it easy for me to switch from bright and bold colors in the summertime to warm and calm colors is the winter time. The days have gotten colder and my living space is winter-ready. I currently have champagne-colored throw pillows that rest upon my couch and golden flower vases throughout my living area that hold cream and light blue hydrangeas. Broadway 2
As well as my living room, my bedroom also gets a face lift from summer to winter. The furniture that is in my sleeping quarters is also neutral, like the furniture in my living room. My bedroom furniture includes my thrift-store find of a twelve-drawer dresser made from real wood, a true beauty and hard to find these days. It has been fully sanded down and restored by none other than myself from a 70’s-style, horrendous brown to a soft, baby powder white with silver knobs. My comforter on my bed just got switched from a canary yellow to a plush, black-and-white down blanket, and in the same way that my pillows were replaced on my sofa’s, the pillows on my bed also were transferred out from summer to winter. The season change has placed my coral and elephant grey décor pillows in the closet and replaced them with silver and white beaded winter pillows. The walls in my home