Compensation and Benefits Essay

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Compensation and Benefits Plan
Larry Allen, Jr., Scott Dozier, Naim Tabriz Fazlulla Khan, Natalie Prigge, Patti Rabacal
HRM 531
November 19, 2012
Professor Pamela Jones
Learning Team D’s proposal includes the research and summary on the Technical Support Escalation Engineer position’s compensation and benefit plan for the job analysis on the Technical Support Escalation Engineer position at Force 10 Networks, Incorporated in San Jose, California (AllBusiness, 2012). Compensation and benefits vary from company-to-company and from industry-to-industry. Because technology is popular and growing globally, the proposal’s outcome attracts individuals with knowledge, skills, and experience.
Salary and Wages
The above position fell under the category of “Computer Network Support Specialist.” Market analysis revealed that the prevailing median annual income for this position in the city of San Jose in California is $68,700 with the 75% of the salary represented $93,100 and the 90% represented $118,100 (Career One Stop, 2012).
The salary and wage earning is a competitive number compared to other districts in California. The salary’s position attracts prospective employees favorably, and worth one’s skills, knowledge, and experience for the job. The position’s salary is pro-rated bi-weekly after deduction of taxes. The net salaried amount deposited directly to the employee’s checking account.
In addition to salary and wages, offering a bonus incentive is the second largest payout after the position’s salary. The bonus for this position is calculated on a fixed rate of 8% of the annual income.
Long-Term Incentives
Other position incentives are long-term incentives that consist of restricted stock units. This position incentive allows a fixed number of 1,000 restricted stock units.
Health Insurance
Health insurance is an essential part of the benefits package. The company provides this specific position with a choice of options to choose from health maintenance organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO) plans. The HMO plan includes insurance coverage from Kaiser Permanente group. The company offers three PPO plans for the employees through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. The three PPO plans differ in the premiums, deductible, and types of coverage for in-network and out-of-network care providers, etc. The availability of these insurance plans provide coverage for the employee and his or her dependents.
Life and Disability Insurance
The life and disability insurance benefit provides employees insurance coverage equal to one’s annual income
Retirement Plans
The company offers a 401K plan to eligible employee is eligible for 401K plan. The company matches the employee’s contribution dollar-to-dollar up to a maximum of $5,000 per year.
Time off and Flexible Schedules
Part of the benefits package, the company allows two weeks per year for vacation time and personal time off at 12 days per year. The company adheres to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to employees eligible for paid leave up to six weeks.
Employee Assistance Programs
This benefit includes programs like psychological counseling, legal assistance, discounted employee purchase program, use of the company transportation, beach property, or the company’s investment property at a discount, etc.
The professional demands placed upon the Technical Support Escalation Engineer justify the recommended compensation package. Force 10 Networks, Incorporated provides networking software and hardware for large companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Amazon as well as federal agencies. These high-profile clients present a need for a well-qualified engineer to be responsible for providing upper-level customer support. Computer science, software engineers, and network administrators command higher salaries because his or her technical expertise in a highly in-demand profession. Along with the technical knowledge and degree,