Competency Goal I Essay

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Competency Goal 1 One of my goals is to keep children safe outside and inside. I do this by making sure the environment the children are going to play in is safe. Inside I will make sure the toys are safe and not broken, if something is broken it will be removed and thrown away if it cannot be fixed. I will clean all the toys that have come in contact with the children’s mouths as well as the ones that they have played with. I have a list of emergency numbers and a list of parent’s phone numbers on where I can contact them in case of an emergency. These are in a folder that is kept around all the time, it even goes outside with me. I am aware of all emergency procedures, fire exits, and where fire extinguishers are located. I watch the children very closely during indoor and outdoor play. They are only giving safe age appropriate toys to play with. The children are loved and talked to throughout the day. I also sing songs with them and play with them too.

My second goal is to maintain a healthy environment for mobile infants, infants, and toddlers. To do this I walk into any room and the first thing I do is wash my hands. After this I take count of how many children there are in the room. At this point I take a look around to see if everything is safe for the children. Next I will see if there are any children who need medicine that day, then make sure the medicine log is properly filled out. Also I will make sure there is no expired medication. I will make sure all medication and other thing such as diaper cream is safely locked in the medicine cabinet. I will make sure the children are…