Competency & Servant Leadership Essay

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Competency & Servant Leadership
The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast Servant Leadership against Competency Based Leadership. I will be discussing both styles of leadership and their strengths and weaknesses and at the end of this comparison I will be drawing a conclusion to determine whether or not a Competency-based leader can include Servant leadership on his daily direction strategies of his employees. From the research that I have done so far I consider that Servant Leadership qualities can always be a great attribute to the Competency-based model or any other Leadership model.
In the Competency-based Leadership model, people are chosen by their skills and abilities such as strategic, technical and technological
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Is a system that can be easily implemented and it looks for the skills and abilities that brings to effective leadership.
Leaders that are chosen for their competencies can and should also reveal servant qualities. As mentioned at the beginning of this paper, there’s no purpose for a leader to have all the qualities, abilities, knowledge and skills if he or she is not willing to serve. The competency-based leader is not a good leader if he is selfish and looking for self-promotion and personal growth, that will only lead to unhappy, unmotivated co-workers that are frustrated in their jobs doing it without really caring for the company. This also leads to discouragement and depression of the individuals that may be reflected with their families and the entire society.
On the contrary, if a leader that has been chosen for his competencies discloses servant characteristics he could make a fantastic transformation not only for him, but for others. He would be helping and supporting others to provide the very best service and this will lead to a great working environment in which workers will be doing their jobs with pleasure. This strategy not only changes the working environment but the society in the end, because people will take this feeling of contentment home,